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About the PASOP

The HSRC‘s South African National HIV Survey 2012, coupled with resolutions from the recent 20th International World AIDS Conference in Melbourne on 20th-25th July 2014, both raise major red-flags concerning the status/progress against the HIV&AIDS scourge.
On this premise it has been recently resolved by all key stakeholders that “an urgent and more radical approach is most imperative” in the fight against prevailing the HIV&AIDS epidemic.

A new and refreshed approach and awareness campaign was then born – PASOP. The acronym stands for P (prevent new infections and transmissions), A (avoid re-infections, Deaths, Mother to child), S (stop risky behaviour and practices), O (overcome living with HIV and the stigma) and P (protect yourself, loved ones and others).

PASOP targets all but with a distinct focus on LGBTI, men-sleeping-with-men, the youth, commercial sex workers, migrant workers, informal settlements, women and drug users. The campaign places high emphasis on the responsibility of self and non-stigmatization

App Overview

The PASOP GP mobile application is an owned-media digital communication property belonging to the Health Department of the Gauteng Provincial Government within South Africa.

The purpose of the app is to assist the health department with its quest of having an ongoing conversation with the residents of the Gauteng Province over pressing health matters concerning most South Africans. Key focus areas the application tackles include HIV/AIDS, TB, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, sexual orientation prejudice and other serious health related matters facing residents of Gauteng.

The app has the main features: LEARN, ACT, and TALK.

App Key Feature


This section of the app enables users to engage with health related educational content. Key campaign related topics such as HIV/AIDS, STIs, TB, teenage pregnancy, sexual orientation tolerance and substance abuse are afforded prime real estate for users to easily acquire important health educational content. The content is in most cases supported by video material. The Gauteng Health department will be adding more educational material relating to other health topics as the PASOP campaign progress. Feedback and enquiries from users will help determine what content is housed in this section.


The intention of the ACT section is to empower Gauteng province residents to be active campaign participants that are using technology to tangibly turn the fate of their communities around. App users may report to the Health Department of Gauteng using the ACT tab crimes that are related to the PASOP campaign. Crimes users may anonymously report on using this app feature include illegal abortions, selling of ARV, statutory rape through underage sexual intercourse and other illegal activities relating to the health sector.


The Talk section enables users to interact with other app users in an online forum discussion environment, it is seen as a peer-to-peer information share space. Campaign administrators will also be using this section to communicate key campaign topics such as TB related discussions in March, TB month; AIDS discussions in December to give an example. Topics of major interest may be submitted by the participating and registered users as the section has a topic submission functionality.

App Menu


This sections houses all newsworthy current health news, and other health department announcements such as WHO advisories.


The PASOP campaign and its objectives are explained in this section, key contact details are also found in this section.


Departmental activations and events are found in this section, the section also has a gallery reporting visually on past events.


The Profile section contains the app users key information pulled from their Facebook profile, this section helps the user verify if they have logged in or not into the PASOP app.



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