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About the PASOP program

A new and refreshed approach and awareness campaign was then born – 
PASOP. The acronym stands for P (prevent new infections and transmissions), A (avoid re-infections, Deaths, Mother to child), S (stop risky behaviour and practices), O (overcome living with HIV and the stigma) and P (protect yourself, loved ones and others).

PASOP targets all but with a distinct focus on LGBTI, men-sleeping-with-men, the youth, commercial sex workers, migrant workers, informal settlements, women and drug users. The campaign places high emphasis on the responsibility of self and non-stigmatization.


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This sections houses all newsworthy current health news, and other health department announcements such as WHO advisories.


Departmental activations and events are found in this section, the section also has a gallery reporting visually on past events.


Get entertained by our quiz while you learn sexual health tips on how to keep safe in the urban jungle. Prizes coming soon.

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